Karachi’s varsities a hub for narcotics trade: report

By | December 4, 2018

KARACHI: Special Branch Police have compiled a report on the sale of narcotic substances in educational institutions in the city. The practice is particularly prevalent in institutes, including private universities and colleges, located in the more affluent localities of the port city, the investigation has found.
The report, a copy of which is available with The Express Tribune, has reportedly irked the provincial police chief, IG Dr Kaleem Imam, who has ordered swift action against the drug peddlers.

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Primarily, the report identifies several individuals and groups, including young women, who are responsible for the distribution of the narcotic substances.

According to the investigations by the Special Branch Police, a drug peddler by the name of Ismail Hussain supplies hashish, Ice and opium in different educational institutions of Defence Housing Authority (DHA).

Another dealer is Fahad Yaqeeb, who sells cigarettes filled with hashish for Rs100 each in a private school located near Boat Basin.

A third peddler has been identified as Usama Ishaq, who operates in schools located in Clifton Block 2. Daniyal alias Painter sells ecstasy tablets for Rs1,000 each in private parties in DHA Phase 7, which are largely attended by university students.

Hadi Chota sells cigarettes filled with hashish for Rs150 in a private school at Badar Commercial Area, while Malik Hassam sells hashish to students of private universities.

Another accused, Aurangzeb Baloch, is involved in the sale of cocaine and Ice, at a local café located on Saba Commercial Phase 5, DHA.
Zohaib alias Builder sells hashish and Ice in the vicinity of Khayaban-e-Muslim Phase 6, while Asif Hussain operates in the Sea View area, Ibraheem Razzaq in DHA Phase 4 and Fahad Candio in Badar Commercial, DHA. The majority of their customers are students of various universities and colleges.

The report also identifies two young women who supply narcotic substances at private dance parties. Besides, Khalid Khan and Noroz Gul have been accused of supplying narcotics to college students.

Another accused, Hammad runs a Sheesha bar at Muslim commercial in DHA, where he also allegedly sells Ice. Kamil, alias Kami, runs his narcotics business at Tauheed Commerical in DHA,

The Special Branch’s report also alleges that narcotic substances are openly consumed at the Sociology department of the University of Karachi, where students are also pressured by their peers to indulge in the vice.

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A similar pattern has been witnessed at a government college located on Shaheed-e-Millat Road, where two persons affiliated with the students’ wing of a political party are involved in the supply of narcotic substances and they pressure the students to indulge in the vice to increase their sale. The school’s administration seems to be hapless in the face of these students’ political prowess, the report states.

At another government college in Bufferzone, the report alleges that members of the student outfit of a political party, identified as Rehan Shah, Adnan. Umar, Imran, Kashif and Talha, consume hashish on the college premises and also sell it to students.

A rickshaw driver, Maqsood, and his aides, Faan, Maan, Pappu and Abdul Qadir, sell narcotic substances, including hashish, Ice and crystal meth, to students of various public colleges located near the Intermediate Board Office. Read More