1.3 tonne ganja seized in 2018

By | January 31, 2019

Madurai: The Madurai district police seized a whopping 1.3 tonne of ganja in 2018, which is more than three times the quantity of the contraband seized in the previous year.

Ever since a special team was formed by the district police one-and-a-half years ago to curb the prevalence of ganja, peddlers are facing the heat. While many have migrated to other districts as they could not continue the business, people like Valli have opted out of the illegal activity.

While 190 cases in connection with ganja peddling were registered in 2018, 285 accused were arrested. Fifteen vehicles used for the peddling were also seized. The quantity of ganja seized in 2018 increased steeply, as the previous year witnessed a seizure of about 760kg.

Eighty-three cases were registered in that year and 121 people were arrested. Every year, the quantity of ganja seized has been increasing. A mere 151kg of ganja was seized in 2015. District superintendent of police N Manivannan said that he found many youngsters, especially school and college students ruining their future due to ganja.

Hence, he formed the special teams. The institutions in the district are monitored closely to make sure that ganja sales do not crop up again. He warned stringent action against those still into the illegal activity. More