Excise tracks down LSD peddler’s suspected clients

By | August 5, 2019

Dept. hopes they may lead to a wider drug trafficking network

Having nabbed a drug peddler with 25 premium grade Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) stamps measuring 540 milligrams last week, Excise sleuths are now tracking down his suspected clients in the hope that they may lead to a wider network engaged in the trade of synthetic drugs.

The Excise had arrested Safar Sadique, 24, of Keezhmadu in Aluva with the drug, also known as ‘California 9’ containing 360 micrograms of Lysergic acid on each stamp.

“Based on information received from the accused, we have traced five to six young suspected clients at Aluva, including a girl. While they may be of little help in the instant case, monitoring habitual users may lead us to other peddlers engaged in supplying synthetic drugs,” said an Excise official in the know-how of the probe.

The accused had allegedly sourced the LSD stamps from Goa at ₹1,500 each and had planned to sell them here at anything between ₹4,000 and ₹5,000. The price of LSD stamps varies depending on its ‘high quotient’ indicated by the number of dots on their back. In the instant case, the seized LSD stamps were three-doted, considered a very strong variant.

The official said synthetic drugs like LSD, which were a rarity in the past, were being seized with alarming frequency these days with Bengaluru and Goa being their sources. “It is learned that beaches in Goa were rife with peddlers who approach visitors openly asking about their interest in drugs. Youngsters from here frequent these places to procure them. That smuggling in stuff like LSD stamps is much more easy than handling ganja, which poses a greater risk of detection, is another encouraging factor,” he added.

Fake drugs

The Excise has also noted instances of cheating where fake drugs are being sold to clients in the guise of LSD. The difficulty involved in detection is a major factor hampering enforcement when it comes to party drugs like LSD. “Unless offenders are caught red-handed, there is hardly any ground for a case. Even if we raid a party where the drug is suspected to be in supply, users can avoid detection if they have consumed it, and they still get a high for the entire duration of the party. Unlike alcohol, which can be detected using a breath analyser, there is no mechanism to detect drug consumption,” the officer said. More