WB: BSF arrests 7 smugglers, seizes 6 kg ganja, 1287 bottles of Phensedyl

By | August 5, 2019

New Delhi , Aug 3 : The Border Security Force (BSF) seized six kilograms of ganja, 1287 bottles of Phensedyl, 82 cattle and 7 smugglers, in various operations, along the border of Bangladesh with West Bengal on Saturday.

“The BSF troops of South Bengal Frontier, in ongoing operations in the border area, on the intervening night of August 2 and 3 affected seizure of 1287 bottles of Phensedyl, 06 kg ganja and 82 cattle when they were being smuggled to Bangladesh through the different locations of border districts of Malda, Murshidabad, 24 Pargana North and Nadia. The alert BSF troops also apprehended five Bangladeshi nationals and two Indian smugglers while they were trying to cross international boundary illegally,” the press release by BSF read.

According to the press release, the BSF acted on specific inputs received from credible sources to seize Phensedyl worth approximately Rs 2 lakh and handed them over to the respective Customs office for further legal action.

BSF also managed to seize 17 cattle from smugglers who were trying to smuggle cattle to Bangladesh through the river.

While the smugglers managed to escape by swimming across the river, the troops were able to seize 17 cattle and also managed to rescue 65 more cattle in different operations along the border in the South Bengal Frontier.

The value of all the cattle seized is approximately more than 10 lakhs. The cattle have been handed over to the local police for investigation and further distribution. 

The press release also spoke about the total seizures by the BSF from the start of the year till August 2. 

“During 2019 till date, August 2, the BSF troops of South Bengal Frontier seized 1,11,464 bottles of Phensedyl and 18,487 numbers of cattle (including this seizure) when they were being smuggled to Bangladesh,” it read. More