‘Haryana fast catching up with Punjab, should take lesson from its neighbour’

By | September 13, 2019

Substance abuse is being increasingly recognised as a global challenge. A recently conducted national survey featured Haryana as being among Top 10 states in most of the substances abused. Punjab has been battling with the opioid problem for almost two decades. Despite popular perception that the problem was restricted to Punjab, this survey shows that Haryana is fast catching up with its neighbour. Haryana has also ranked seventh in terms of use of cannabis and sedative drugs. Another alarming point is high number of children are using inhalants in Haryana.

Any combination of biological, psychological, social, cultural or environmental factors can trigger substance abuse. Biological factors include having a family history of drug use or psychiatric conditions, externalising traits, personality disorders, while psychological factors like childhood physical and sexual abuse, neglect by parents and coexisting mental health issues can contribute towards drug use. Smoking, especially hookah has socio cultural approval in the state and has special place in social functions along with alcohol. More