Man tells youths not to do drugs, gets beaten

By | November 9, 2019

BENGALURU:  Two youths attacked a 45-year-old man for telling them to not do drugs near his house in Basavalingappa Nagar near Jakkur on Monday.  The victim is Vinod. The arrested are Wasim and Adha, but their friends are still absconding. According to the complaint filed by Vinod, he noticed a group of 5-6 youths smoking ganja and doing other drugs on an empty spot near his house. Vinod knew one of the youths, Harshavardhan. He scolded them for smoking ganja near his house and asked them to leave at 11.45am. 

At 1pm the same day, armed with lethal weapons, Wasim, Adha and others barged into Vinod’s house and attacked him. Vinod then ran to his neighbour, Siddappa’s house. Meanwhile, Wasim and his gang reached Siddappa’s house. However, Siddappa and the other locals saw their weapons and warned them to leave the place. As more people started gathering, all the accused fled. The locals alerted the jurisdictional Sampigehalli police about the incident.

The police came to the spot and sent Vinod for treatment and took his complaint.The locals told the police that there were a lot of youngsters in the area who did drugs and they have become a nuisance to those who live there. An investigating officer said, “We have taken up a case of attempt to murder and detained some of the attackers. Efforts are on to nab the others.” More