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South Asian Centre for Monitoring Drug Abuse, Addiction and Diversion

SAC-MDAD (South Asian Centre for Monitoring Drug Abuse. Addiction and Diversion) is an electronic database of designated data for drug abuse and drug addiction. The data presented here is comprehensive and encapsulates the most recent estimates of drug use prevalence including estimates of Injecting Drug Users (IDU’s), drug related crimes, seizures, licit and illicit cultivation of opium and ganja including the state / country specific policy to drug scenario in South Asia.

Wedged between the two principal illicit poppy producing regions. The Golden Crescent (centred in Afghanistan) and the Golden Triangle (centred in Myanmar), South Asian drug scenario is grim. The proliferation of the demand for synthetic and lab based drugs, heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, methamphetamine alongside abuse of pharmaceutical drugs, and illicit diversion of “precursor” chemicals has troubled governments of the region. Interestingly, India is a licensed cultivator of raw opium but a sizeable amount of licensed opium grown in notified tracts of the state of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan is diverted to illicit international drug markets of South Asia.

SAC-MDAD is expected to be a ready reference reckoner for research scholars, enforcement agencies, professionals and practitioners alike.


  • Provide factual, reliable and objective data concerning drugs and drug addiction scenario in South Asia.
  • Documenting the epidemiology of drug use in the country.
  • Assist in identification of the extant and pattern of drug abuse in the South Asian region.
  • Create an archive of available data, including also the various studies and surveys which will help an interested investigator for analysis.
  • Provide updates on the myriad news, views and opinions on all aspects related to use of drugs in the region.